Russell Remodeling Inc. - When quality, cleanliness and professionalism are a must!
After 10 years of working for family and friends on the weekends remodeling basements, kitchens and bathrooms, I decided, with the inspiration of my new wife Sharon, it was a good time to open my own business. I realized early on that ultimate customer satisfaction was the key to a successful company and I made it my most important ingredient for the success of the business.  Today, I pride myself in the quality work we do, the professional way we do it, and the satisfaction of another satisfied client. If the job is done right and the client is happy, they’ll let me know, and they’ll also let their friends know.  I have found this is the key to a thriving business.  I am proud of the business I have made and I hope you will let me prove it to you on your next remodeling project.

Joe Russell
President / Owner
Martin After (2)
Nowak After (6)
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